Fishing picnic on board of Kordika


During the colder autumn days, it is always a pleasant feeling to think back on the holidays and remember the beautiful summer moments. One of these the I like to remember is the perfect day on board of the Kordika fishing boat in Croatia.

I know the captain from my childhood, when I spent the holidays there with my parents and when his dad was the official boss on the ship.

It is just amazing. The ship goes out into the open sea, the gentle breeze blows around the ship and its shadow accompanies us all day long. The sun is shining, but under the umbrellas everyone finds a shelter. When the crew lowers the fishing net into the deep sea, the fishing begins and you can watch all the tricks closely from the deck..

The most exciting part, however, is when the fishermen pull the net out of the water. It is unbelievable what the sea offers us. In addition to the hundreds of small and large colorful fishes, there are starfish, shells, crabs, squid and octopus.

After fishing, the ship travels to a calm bay where guests of the ship can jump into the sea until lunch is ready. Without any doubts, the table will be full with fish and other seafood carefully prepared by the crew for their guests.

Eating on the deck is so romantic and the taste of the food is unbelievable. You will never eat so good fish as the one on board of Kordika ship.