Tasty salad with tuna fish and beans


Today I will introduce you very tasty meal that you can prepare in only few minutes.

If you have Italian friends you probably already know that they tend to cook very well and can surprise you by the variety of excellent foods they can offer you in a single evening. This is the time you wish you had an extra stomach to be able to enjoy all the food they offer.

Last week we visited our Italian friends for a dinner and the evening was not an exception from the rule above. They are cooking great and always manage to surprise us with interesting and excellent meals.

Today I will share with you one of them that really impresses with ease of preparation and excellent taste and since all the ingredients come from a can, you always have them at hand in your kitchen in case you get a surprise visit from friends and want to offer them something testy that they will remember.

What you need?

250 gr. Tuna fish
250 gr. Kidney beans
250 gr. White beans
250 gr. Chick peas

How to prepare?

Be sure to remove the sauce from the tuna fish and wash the beans and the chick peas before you put them into the salad.

Take a big bowl and put the tuna inside. Then put the beans and mix everything. At the chick peas at the end and mix once again.

You can serve it immediately or cover and put it in the fridge until the guests arrive.

Enjoy your meal!