Surprise, surprise – what I found for the kitchen!

Kitchen tools and me
Kitchen tools and me

I was shopping in the city when I noticed well-stocked shop selling kitchen tools. I went inside, scanning the shelves for something catching the eyes. A collection of shiny elegant kitchen tools immediately attracted my attention. When I entered the shop, I had no intention to buy anything, but I left with a bag full of nice things.

Kitchen tools

Later I decided to perform some research regarding the products that I bought to satisfy my curiosity and share it with you in case you need an upgrade in your kitchen. Here is what I found.

The nice shiny items were from Stellar premium kitchen tools and gadgets:

I did a quick check on Amazon to see if I can find them there. Only few were available, but prices were quite attractive (click on the image to see it on Amazon).


I also found the Judge extendable trivet the Bergner Reliant knife set:


If you need an upgrade of your kitchen tools, these seem to offer quite good balance between price and quality. And they look really good. I am sure that if you check online, you fill find more of them.

Have fun shopping and cooking!

Johanna cooking