Surprise the guests with mango fruit salad


When you want to have easy and tasty dessert for your guest or family, the mango fruit salad is excellent choice. It takes only few minutes to prepare and is so tasty that you finish eating only after there is nothing left in the bowl.

What you need?

1 Mango
2 Bananas
2 Apples
3 Oranges

If you have good pears, feel free to add two of them as well.

How to prepare?

  1. Peal all the fruits except one of the oranges.
  2. Cut them on small pieces. Size is up to you, but normally smaller is better.
    Mix everything in the bowl.
  3. Squeeze one orange and add the juice to the bowl, then mix once again (this will make the salad a bit more juicy)

Your salad is ready to serve. Enjoy your dessert!